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now i know who szukalski is

watched the szukalski doc (netflix) this weekend – it was so beautifully made, and it got me thinking a lot, about a lot of different things :

  • the value of 'genius' and a reexamination of what it means to us when we call someone a genius and in turn how we (collectively, as a society) treat them

  • not just how to define a legacy but also the idea that we have no control over our own legacies – no control over how those who come after us adopt our work/our stories, define them, and keep them alive

  • our relationship to social constructs and the limitations of trying to live a life that rejects those constructs

  • the relationship between being able to fight for one’s beliefs and their ability to consider/care about humanity as a mass of individuals

  • what is it like to understand that religions were created by powerful men and be disenchanted about all of that, but to still feel a personally historical and deep connection to those religions/the cultures that exist within religious systems

  • what is the answer to the following question : is szukalski a successful artist?

  • how can one be simultaneously anti-establishment and nationalistic? i don't think it's truly possible – it seems like szukalski lived in a version of the world that blinded him to some basic human realities and truths

  • i want to know so much more about his relationship with politics and history and how he reckoned his own ideas and visions with those things – also the relationship between his art and those contexts, and how he formed his sociopolitical identity accordingly; also a better investigation and explanation of how that changed, if it ever did; this reason behind his eventual reformation – and more importantly, confirmation of it

  • basically would love an in-depth psychological breakdown of this man because wow

so many other questions keep flashing through my head – and i guess i really wouldn't care if his work wasn't so mesmerizing/impactful (he literally taught himself how to draw and sculpt, and never used models..... all these ideas and images came from his head.....)

after being awestruck by all those super sexy shots of szukalski's sculpture work, i sat around staring at the form and details of my hand for a while // i find that it's in this position in particular for many hours throughout the day (phone grip)

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